Amity Landscape

•June 25, 2010 • Leave a Comment

I have quite a few friends who are photographers and one in particular is Dar! Aka, Darlene Taylor, Dar is a great photographer and we both never do stuff by ourselves… so, we get together and take a drive somewhere and take a bunch of photos! A few weeks ago, we went out past Amity and stopped to take photos along the way. I’ve only edited a few but I thought I’d at least give a general update while showing you these.

Keep checking for Lauren’s birthday photos as well as Kyle and Brittany’s Engagement session. The Cox family preview is coming up too!! Zoe will have her session within the week and then I can show off her cute little face for you all to see!! Thanks.

Engagement Preview – Kyle and Brittany

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Sorry everyone, hope you haven’t been checking anxiously for my latest stuff… okay, I do hope you have been and I hope you still will despite my lack of diligence here! Here’s a quick image from Kyle and Brittany’s engagement session. They’re getting married August 7th just outside of Carlton and I’m sure it’ll be amazing! They are a such a sweet couple and so easy to work with… I’ll show you more photos next week…

Lauren’s Birthday Shoot

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Coming soon… photos of my friend Lauren. Her boyfriend gifted her a portrait session of which we only did the 1st half b/c it was rainy. More from this session to come, and eventually, more from the 2nd part of the shoot! Isn’t her hair gorgeous??? Love it!

Also, I have photos from an engagement shoot and a family shoot soon to follow in the next couple weeks. Thanks for staying tuned in!

Awaiting Baby Zoe.

•June 5, 2010 • 1 Comment

Rayma is gorgeous in these shots! I cannot wait for them to meet their little baby girl… they ended up having to wait until about 30 weeks to find out she was a girl too, and after having 2 very rambunctious boys, well, it was worth the wait. Hoping and praying for an easy labor and a wonderful baby girl (stayed tuned for pics of Zoe soon after her arrival).

Crystal is Graduating!

•June 4, 2010 • 2 Comments

Crystal Malone is a friend from Calvary Chapel who is super excited… she’s graduating from Chemeketa Community College on June 12th! She’s worked really hard and will be going to George Fox University next year. Congratulations!!

Fox Wedding – it’s about time!

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So, I’ve had these done for a while but was packing, moving and unpacking and my external drive was yet to be found. Enjoy the pics!

I thought this was funny… the bride’s father couldn’t remember how to put a tie on someone else so he had to try like how he would put it on himself!

It was such a fun wedding! Beautiful bride, amazing groom and just an intimate group of people who really care for the couple. I was so excited for them to be married and to learn what it means to love your spouse with God’s love. I’m not nervous for them one iota… I know they’ll do amazing! Thanks guys…

Up and Coming Baby Zoe

•May 30, 2010 • 2 Comments

Coming soon… in more ways than one! Pics of my good friend Rayma, super pregnant with her 3rd child (1st little girl), Zoe. Keep checking back.