The Barnhart Family 2011

•June 12, 2011 • Leave a Comment

We love the Barnharts! They have been LONGTIME friends of our little family and I’m so blessed that they trust me with taking their photos! Last year, I posted images of Mrs. Barnhart with that little girl still in her belly. This weekend, we took a trek out to Navarra Gardens in Willamina, OR and got some amazing shots. Their family is full of joy and we are so honored to have them as friends! Plus, they are super photogenic and adorable, so it’s great work to display 🙂 Enjoy!

Back in Business!

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I’m happy to say that I opening up shop again this summer! I’ve had several requests from many of you about photo pricing and availability this summer, so starting in June I’ll be booking all sorts of photo shoots. Feel free to contact me regarding any type of photography needs you might have – commercial, merchandise, business portraits… I’m up for anything! Enjoy a photo from one of my latest photo shoots – this is my youngest boy… he’s such a ham 🙂

New Website!

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So, while I haven’t officially made it “my” site, I’ve created this site through that will soon become my actual website!! It reflects classic style, just enough creativity splashed in and is a great way to display my work! I love it! There have been a few modifications in pricing as well as what my goals are in running this business and I really look forward to the coming year! Take a look at the website and tell me what you think! You can even try out the contact form and send me a message 😉 Keep checking back for news regarding upcoming events – Senior Portrait Party and Harvest Mini-Shoots and local pumpkin patches… dates and times are still TBD but I’ll be doing these with my great photographer friend Darlene Taylor. Thanks!

Scholl Wedding

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This is crazy late! Sorry!!! It’s been crazy around here – we normally don’t do ANY traveling and have been going and going and going lately. We’re actually going to MN at the end of this month to visit with some of our best friends so here we go again!

Before I get too far behind, I wanted to post a few from Derek and Sarah’s wedding. It was beautiful! This is a such a small picture of the entire day but I hope you enjoy it 🙂

These were only part of the guests – the people who knew Derek from The Land in CA.

And of course, what’s a wedding without the Macarena? 😉

The New Lauren!

•August 20, 2010 • 1 Comment

These are a few shots from the 2nd half of Lauren’s photo shoot. Totally different look, style, hairdo… the works! Love the bold pink on her and once again, she’s looking amazing! Sorry it’s been a month since I posted… editing, 2 more weddings and a trip to Texas have put me behind – in more ways than one! Enjoy…

Cox Family

•July 20, 2010 • 2 Comments

It’s always so fun to reconnect with old friends! Christina and I were on the Marshfield Dance Team together for 3 years in HS while Travis and I went to the same grade school, middle school and then high school as well! Their kids are so cute and the weather was nice and warm for the shoot. We met at Shutter Butte Park in Eugene where it seemed like summer was in full swing! It’s taken me a while to sit down and put these up… shooting a wedding, going to a wedding, sickness, family visiting 2 different times and a couple drives into Portland with the kids can take a lot more out of you than you realize! Thanks for checking in and I’ll have bunches of more photos for you soon! Enjoy these images of the Cox Family!

Lauren, Lauren, Lauren!

•June 30, 2010 • 2 Comments

Isn’t she beautiful!! Talk about amazing hair too… I would steal it if I could! Here are some of Lauren’s photos – a gift from her BF for her birthday. It was raining and we didn’t get to do her 2nd outfit, so once the weather stays reliable for more than a day or two, we’ll finish up the shoot and I’ll have some more pics to show. Thanks!

Amity Landscape

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I have quite a few friends who are photographers and one in particular is Dar! Aka, Darlene Taylor, Dar is a great photographer and we both never do stuff by ourselves… so, we get together and take a drive somewhere and take a bunch of photos! A few weeks ago, we went out past Amity and stopped to take photos along the way. I’ve only edited a few but I thought I’d at least give a general update while showing you these.

Keep checking for Lauren’s birthday photos as well as Kyle and Brittany’s Engagement session. The Cox family preview is coming up too!! Zoe will have her session within the week and then I can show off her cute little face for you all to see!! Thanks.

Engagement Preview – Kyle and Brittany

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Sorry everyone, hope you haven’t been checking anxiously for my latest stuff… okay, I do hope you have been and I hope you still will despite my lack of diligence here! Here’s a quick image from Kyle and Brittany’s engagement session. They’re getting married August 7th just outside of Carlton and I’m sure it’ll be amazing! They are a such a sweet couple and so easy to work with… I’ll show you more photos next week…

Lauren’s Birthday Shoot

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Coming soon… photos of my friend Lauren. Her boyfriend gifted her a portrait session of which we only did the 1st half b/c it was rainy. More from this session to come, and eventually, more from the 2nd part of the shoot! Isn’t her hair gorgeous??? Love it!

Also, I have photos from an engagement shoot and a family shoot soon to follow in the next couple weeks. Thanks for staying tuned in!